Environment and our suppliers

As a creative and print-led company we see it as our duty of care to respect the environment and to be mindful of the harmful effects packaging and reproduction can cause. We are careful to consider the use of materials when embarking upon any project and how we can minimise the negative impact certain materials and production methods can have on C02 emissions, landfill and other damage to the environment. It is our mission to create beautifully crafted packaging but not at the expense of the world around us. All of our UK based printers are FSC Certified to ensure that our suppliers meet these expecations.

Free pre-production environmental report

To make sure we can create packaging that maximises its potential to be recycled and also using recycled materials we use the C02 Packaging Report to work out the potential impact packaging may have before the production process has begun. This helps customers gain valuable insight into how they will be affecting many aspects of the environment. To find out more about our use of the C02 Packaging Report click here